Xbox Doesn't Care When I Get Harassed.

To any women playing games out there, be wary. Because as much as I love playing Xbox, it became very clear that their reporting team has some crappy admins and is probably not reading the complaints they are sent.

Story Time. I have "girl" in my username which is already prompting many chat invites asking if I'm a girl and dm's asking if they can have my snap or insta. Yes, it's annoying. No, I don't know why guys are trying to hook up with a random on Xbox. But there are a few in particular who decided that I should get banned because I'm not interested or try to talk back.

I was playing a game of Rainbow Six Siege, an fps game that I am not that great at. I wasn't having a great match and it didn't help that the enemy team was hacking. Meanwhile one of my teammates kept trying to hook me with his friend when I'm clearly not interested and asking if he can also see the enemy team hacking. When it was the final round and he was still asking for my number I told him that I was "Not f$*cking interested." and why he wasn't interested in the hackers. Because PLOT TWIST he was actually an Xbox Live admin.

What I was expecting was him to do after I sent that message was to back off. And technically he did after he REPORTED me and I was banned from Xbox Live for TWO WEEKS. What was even more discouraging was when I finally got in contact with someone over at Microsoft for them to tell me "We can't do anything, but at least it could be worse." Cool, so I can't play or talk to my friends for 2 weeks because I was being harassed and punished for it. But that's how it normally goes. My guy friends can send a message telling people they are trash. But if I talk back, I'll be banned from chat and multiplayer for a week or more, and yes similar instances of this have occurred.

So why do I still play Xbox? Because I'm not going to let these losers bully me out of something I enjoy. If people send me messages saying I'm trash (and let's be honest, they still do) I don't even talk back. I report them and call it a day. Sometimes the "Just ignore them" idea actually works. I still accept invites to chat just to gauge people's reactions when they ask for the umpteenth time if I'm a girl. I still make friends on the platform. I'm just a lot more cautious about it.

The lesson to take away from this is that no matter what multiplayer you try to have fun, there will always be a toxic community to bring you down. And if you're a female gamer like myself, I hope you don't experience the same harassment. But know that you can take them down.

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