Where I Think the Legend of Korra Messed Up

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Legend of Korra has always bugged me, but maybe not how everyone else thinks. It’s not the story, the characters, or even some of the lore that bugs me (although I’m not a fan of those things as well).

Nope. What kills me the most about LOK is the timing. I remember when ATLA first ended, I was bummed, I had accepted that ending. Then LOK was announced and I was really excited... But also confused. And when I was watching the first episode, the confusion got worse. Because while I was watching the new episode I realized that they did not explain what happened to the original gaang. And that’s where I think LOK messed up. It was the timing. What do I mean by that? I mean they threw Korra’s story in too soon.

What should have happened.

What they should have done is make the Book of Air the aftermath of the war. All of the comic adaptations that we were given after the show. The comics explain a lot of LOK’s world-building and how the characters have grown after the war. If they had put this in and then released Korra, fans would not have been scratching their heads when they wonder what happened to the characters they grew up watching for years. If Book Air had officially finished off the Gaang’s journey, then they could have renewed the Avatar cycle with Book of Water. Everyone knows what has happened. There’s no confusion on how we got this steampunk era, and maybe even understand why some character developments were the way that they were (aka Toph creating a police force, and Aang’s bad parenting).

Why I don’t like what they did.

I finally got to sit down and read the comics and I can’t tell you how much more frustrating it is getting answers as to how the world of LOK got to where it was in terms of world-building. When watching the Legend of Korra I was highly confused as to why there were cars and radios. It felt like such an inconsistency. Answers such as what happened to Zuko’s mother is FINALLY explained, but again, it’s all through the comics. I still wonder what happened to one of my personal favorites, Sokka. How did he die? Did he have any kids?

By giving the Book of Air to Korra, it not only feels out of place but also like a project was left unfinished. It doesn’t feel like the cycle was completed, just broken off.

I have many other plights with LOK, BUT in my opinion, I think this is where they messed up the most.

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