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Updated: Jun 9, 2021

I haven't been on my website as of late as I have moved on to other content creation. That being said, I did start this website to get my thoughts out here and will try to be more active on the website. While doing so, I've decided to open a new category called Guest Articles. Where I do welcome creative expression and even some advertisements, let me make some rules clear.

Submissions Will be Viewed by Me

Before anything is posted, any and all submissions will be reviewed by me as it is my website. If I don't like the submission, I have no obligation to publish it. Believe it or not I do care about my website so I will choose what is posted and what is not. Please do not take offense if your submission is not posted.

No Politics

I get enough of that crap as it is, I don't need it here. I think politics divide and do harm much more than they do good in bringing people together. This is not a news site. This is not Fox, CNN, or BBC. This is a place where I talk about video games, entertainment, and my overall opinion on things. It's why any post I have on politics is very minimal here and is only around election time.

Content Warning

Please give a little bit of a summary as to what you're wanting to post. This includes a picture (That way you can have your work represented how you want), a summary of the content, and an idea on what kind of content you are wanting to post. This could range from something mild to mature content. A little bit of a warning never hurts :)

With all of that being said, here's what I don't mind being posted.


I love a good story and happily encourage anyone who wants to post a story on my website. I will ask that you keep them fairly short, no more than three to four pages as I am reading these by myself in whatever spare time I have.

Simple Ads

If you have an add that you would like to post, feel free to email me and I'll look over what your advertisement is about.

Video Game Articles, Life Advice, Entertainment, and General Thoughts

I am definitely open to simple articles on these categories listed about. Like I said about the stories, try not to make it too overly long.

With these things in mind, I look forward to guest submissions! Welcome!

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