Things to Think About on Election Day

It’s election day and everyone is ready to duke it out for their favorite contender. And while it’s great that people are interested in politics and have a passion for it, we seem to be forgetting some empathy in all of the madness. So, here are some things I think we need to either realize or simply remind ourselves.

  1. You’re NOT Privileged Because You Stopped Caring.

It has been nothing but political ad after political ad shoved down your throat. All of your favorite celebrities are screaming at you in every way possible to go vote. Maybe some of your favorite entertainers on Twitter are posting every news article about something the president does next. And all you can think is “I just don’t care anymore.” And honestly? Who could blame you? It’s exhausting, and both candidates suck. I went through my Twitter feed and noticed people were calling me privileged because I asked if any of this was tiring. And I will say it right now, I disagree. People are tired. People are fed up, and people hate their options. People are saying that their rights are being taken away. I can tell you right now that if they haven’t been taken away in the last four years, then you are most likely in the clear. People simply gave up. I did.

  1. People can change their mind

Somehow, in some way shape, or form, we forgot that people can change their minds. I have conservative friends who were so gung-ho about the president who are not even voting for him this year. I have friends who vote blue all the time, but even they realize how bad their candidate is. In short, people can change their minds. There’s nothing against the law that says that they can’t and the sooner we treat someone changing their mind and opinion as normal, we will continue to suffer as a society.

3. Third Party is Still a Thing

Fun fact, there are third party candidates that you can vote for. While it may be too late this year, just know that you always have options. If people tell you that you’re throwing away your vote by voting third party, just remind them that the beauty of this system is that you don’t have to be tied down to what is considered the “less of two evils”. There’s a; ways a third choice and I think when we forget that we feel trapped and constricted. But what if we got over the stigma that third party votes were not a waste?

4. Above all: Don’t Let Your Political Opinions Win Over Your Mental Health

Don’t let your political opinions be your personality. Don’t let your political opinions get in the way of your friendships and family members. Don’t let your political opinions stress you out day in and day out. What I’m saying is, people have differences. It’s an easy concept that we so easily forget. I have friends on both sides of the spectrum. People think and view and experience everything differently. When you let politics consume you, you let them win.

These types of feelings have crossed my mind in the last month leading up to this event. And all I can say is stay safe, stay mentally healthy, and be happy!

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