Rooster Teeth's Somehow Controversial Tweet.

On August 22nd, 2020, Rooster Teeth posted a Tweet saying that they are in support of social justice and that they will not tolerate racism and sexism, and if people want to leave, they didn't need to announce their departure. This quickly brought a huge wave of name-calling, complaints, and just overall controversy. Many saw it as RT clearing out the toxic community and saying bye to the haters. Some even commenting "Wow, people are getting upset that they want to treat people like human beings." As a long time fan of Rooster Teeth, I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents and even give people a better idea of why people take issue with the tweet. And no, it's not because people are racist and homophobic.


A lot of people looked at this Tweet as RT being a corporate sell-out and pandering to a specific demographic. To them, it didn't feel genuine and thought it was odd that they were saying "We treat people like human beings." Like yeah, we would hope that you do. And considering that RT is now owned by a bigger company (AT&T and Warner) many people just don't trust them like they used to.


RT has had made the news a lot and not for their accomplishments. There have been many negative instances that I will touch on in a bit. This Tweet just seemed random and out of nowhere which made a lot of people think that this was used as a quick cover-up before the next scandal hit the news cycle.


From what I could only guess, people saw "social justice" and immediately looked at it as them turning to a more political leaning. A lot even thinking that because of those words, their content was pushing towards a more SJW transition which is something that even many left-leaning people have denounced. I can't completely disagree that RT has shown a bit more of their political leanings in the last few years. Jack, one of the well-known Achievement Hunters was always commented on for his political stances saying that they wish he would leave those opinions out.

Much well-known staff in RT are very outward about their political leanings. that's not a bad thing as they have every right to do so. But in some Podcasts and gaming channels, they've become a bit more vocal and people just want to go back to when politics stayed out of content.


In my opinion, a lot of people didn't find this tweet favorable because it seemed very hypocritical. As I mentioned, RT has had a lot of scandals within the last two years. These scandals include overworked animators with very little pay and promise of full time work only for them to get kicked, A CEO getting arrested for domestic abuse and holding a gun to his wife's head, and a huge cut in staff leading to 50 people losing their jobs. Along with those past scandals, more began taking their place THIS YEAR as one of the founders (Joel) was fired without any kind of announcement, and a girl drew a Wendigo for a Grimm contest and was bullied and disqualified because a very small minority called it cultural appropriation. And then we have one of the biggest call-outs this year, Mica Burton, who said many times that she was harassed and bullied by the RT and AH community and no one in the company spoke up or tried to take care of the behavior. They even began giving her less screen time when she announced these kinds of issues on an Off-Topic podcast. It's only now that they are fixing this problem for other female employees this year. But if these scandals didn't point out these issues, then their work reviews don't defend them either. Look at many Glassdoor reviews and you will quickly learn that animators are treated horribly even into late last year and that the working environment is heavily about favoritism, cliques, and overall horrible management. There are reviews from just LAST MONTH that show that this environment hasn't changed.

My Opinion

In MY opinion, RT is changing. It's clear by their content, that they are stepping away from the humor that made them famous in the first place. That's not entirely a bad thing as comedy has just simply changed over the years and if they want to stay afloat, they have to adapt. I do NOT agree with them deleting their old content. I think it harms them because they're not showing fans that they have changed. They're trying to make it look like they were always sensitive to social issues and I honestly think that it's a bit scummy. As for MY opinion on the tweet, it's just a tweet. It does seem a bit random, and with all of the scandals, I can see how it does seem hypocritical. I don't think a lot of people are mad because they're racist, or sexist or any kind of "ist". A lot of people don't like change and RT is just simply changing.

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