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Updated: Aug 13, 2020

His hair is long, his heart is sole and his content is always moist. The YouTuber I'm talking about is Cr1tikal, the man who has an impressive sex toy collection and is tactless to no end.

This man is one of my favorite YouTubers and Twitch streamers because he really doesn't give sh*t. When he's not calling out Karens he's calling out clout chasers and people who abuse the platforms for terrible means.

Specific people he's called out are Jaystation, Stronomy, and many others like Rice Gum for using their content to either promote child gambling or just be a bad influence on child audiences. Jaystation alone has faked his girlfriend's death and plugs his own merch while contacting dead creators at 3 am placing him at the top of a well-deserved punching bag list. And Cr1tikal is not one to let these things fly. On the contrary, he goes in all raw and no rubber when he calls these people out for doing terrible things.

As said before his most recent work has been calling out Karens well, you know, Karens. With the epidemic, Cr1tikal is there to tell you that wearing a mask is important and that you shouldn't give workers grief if you don't want to wear one and I who heartedly agree.

Now, why do I call this man wholesome? Aside from the fact that he's a Keanu Reeves look-alike, he has a big heart. This man likes giving back and doesn't want a thank you in return. That's why he's doing many things from hosting Smash tournaments with Twitch with a generous prize, holding talent shows on Twitch and being supportive and patient to anyone who participates, to donating to small streamers who are into content creating for the fun of it. He tries very hard to keep his political view out of his work and an animal lover to boot.

On top of that, he's very against celebrity worship and clout chasing. He will tell his fans constantly not to harass anyone he criticizes or calls out whether it's through disliking that person's videos or bothering them on Twitter.

Overall, Cr1tikal is one of the few good streamers that do a lot of good, calls out a lot of bad, and is actually just himself. And I wish there were so much more like him.

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