I'm Streaming on Twitch!...Again

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

To whom it may concern, I am now on Twitch!

To be clear, this isn’t my first rodeo. I actually had a stream and a YouTube channel when I was a senior in college. Why did I not keep up with it? The simple answer was that I was working and going to school, both full-time. I was already burning more than the midnight candle. I was going to school in the daytime and then working 10-hour shifts at night.

But a part of me really wanted to test the waters and open up my channels. The truth is, Socially, I am not an outgoing person (unless it’s people I knew). Social media-wise, I was probably worse than my parents and grandparents when it came to posting online. I never really felt the need to do so.

As I got older, I wanted to break out of my shell more. I figured since I played video games and the knowledge could be helpful in the future, I made a twitch and YouTube channel and kept it alive for a month.

Why am I back now? Eh, because I want to be. I’m not exactly new, so I know what to do! But let me say there are some things I want to point out.

Do it for you:

Don’t go into it as a job. Don’t go into it to make a career out of it. Do it because you love and enjoy doing it. Do it because it makes you happy. If you go into it just for the money, you’re going to get burned out. You won’t enjoy yourself, and it will slowly (or quickly) reflect in your content.

Have a Consistent Schedule:

Try to have a consistent schedule. It will make it easy on your followers if they have an idea of when you stream. You could do one or two specific days or one or two specific times in the day where you would normally stream. It keeps you organized and helps your followers keep up

Stay Thankful:

Remember, no one is obligated to watch you. No one is obligated to click on your clips, or your stream, or even visit your channel. No one is obligated to follow you or even donate to you. People do these things because they found you and your content interesting. Don’t forget to be thankful to the people who follow and view your stream. They didn’t have to do any of those things. Of course, if they are harassing you it is a different story. But stay thankful, even if you get much bigger.

Any Publicity is NOT Good Publicity:

If you are starting, remember that YOU are your brand. That means you are responsible for your publicity and you only have you to fall back on. Why is this a good thing? Because you can shape your brand how you want to with no one telling you otherwise. Why is this a bad thing? You’re the only one who can save your brand if you do something that ultimately tanks it. If you harass your viewers for not donating to you, you’re going to make a bad name for yourself and you’re the one who will have to clean up your mess.

Take a Break if You Need To:

Remember that you are streaming for you. If you need a break from it, feel free to step away. If you have a good following, just send out a tweet or something saying that you need some time away. Don’t overstress yourself.

These are some of the best tips I learned from my favorite streamers and YouTubers. To anyone who is wanting to stream, good luck! You will do great! To anyone who wants to watch my stream, you can catch me at twitch. tv/coffeewithgemini!

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